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Car theft: Naira Marley shows off his Bently and other exotic cars

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Barely 24 hours after he was accused of car theft, musician Naira Marley has gone online to show his followers his collection of expensive cars.

Naira Marley went on Twitter immediately after he and members of his convoy were accused in the news of hijacking a man’s car to defend his name.

He posted on the social media platform “Car theft? 😂😂😂😂 maybe I need to post my Bently, Porsche or benzo. If u lot like try stain my name from today till tomorrow I will still be the next president and who’s Adeyemi Fashola aka Naira Marley? Another free promo I’m guessing”

“Loool I’m still baffled, one bad belle paid bloggers to carry fake news because I’m sure the bloggers didn’t sit down to make that up themselves,” he tweeted shortly after.

In a follow-up tweet, he posted “Car theft ko grand theft ni”

Barely 24 hours later, Naira Marly shared another tweet with his car collections.

“I don’t normally do this, I don’t like flexing on people that don’t have but y’all teaching me how to show off.” he wrote in the caption when he posted a picture of the three cars that included a Bently, a G Wagon and a Porsche in the background.


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