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Amy Cooper: Twitter emerged victorious in viral racism saga

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Twitter has proven to be a powerful force in the saga that went down with a white American lady who showed very obvious racist tendencies towards an African American man on the 25th of May, 2020.

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What went down the 24 hours that followed that event has demonstrated the power of the social networking site to demand instant justice for people of color and the minority.

The man’s polite request to put a leash on her dog led to Amy Cooper calling the cops and lying against the man, all while on video. This shows, if anything, that the African American’s word, even in the face of obvious, indisputable evidence, holds no water when it’s against a white person.

This scene, as dramatic and terrifying as it may sound, brings to memory the Central Park 5 Case, the, more recently, Ahmaud Abrey case and several other cases of injustice meted against people of color that have suffered untold inhumane sufferings for crimes they knew nothing of.

While on video, Amy Cooper towards the end of her call, in a nervous trembling voice of someone in pain, beseeched the dispatcher on the other end of the 911 call to come to her rescue. The only difference is she was acting and was, rather, in this case, the aggressor.

Thousands of such calls have put poor helpless innocent black men behind bars, with no video to vouch for their innocence, while the Karen’s that put them behind bars walk free, making fun of them.

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Within hours of the video going viral, Twitter users dug out her real names, where she worked and even brought up her LinkedIn page (she has since deactivated it.)


This force her employers (Franklin Templeton) to place her on administrative leave while they launch an investigation into the case.

Meanwhile, her poor dog, named Henry, has also been returned to the shelter she took him from.

How many other Amy’s or Karen’s are out there, intentionally endangering an innocent black man’s life by falsely accusing them of crimes they didn’t commit, knowing fully well that they could be jailed, or worse, killed by the police?

Without Twitter, Christopher Cooper, the African American at the center of the racist attack, could have been another black man in jail, or another dead victim of police brutality against blacks in America.

At the end of it all, Twitter emerged victorious in the whole scenario.

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