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Drama As OAU Lecturer Slaps Two Students

by Amadu Victor
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A lecturer in White House Building, Obafemi Awolowo University, a building housing some of the Faculty of science’s department, known as Mr Ajao has today Friday, 6th of March slapped and harrased two students of the University.

According to reports gathered, the incident happened around 11am today at the UBA ATM located at White House, the queue at the ATM was too long so students had to take the pain of lining up on the road and under the scorching sun, Mr Ajao drove by and told the student not to queue on the road, an unknown student reportedly retorted ‘Alright’ and the next thing Mr Ajao had to do was to alight from his car and slap the student.


This caused mixed reactions among the students and another student of the University known as Adeleye Dolapo Ridwan, a 400 level student of the department of English decided to question the audacious act and he also received his own share of slap in the ‘festival of slaps’ at White House, OAU. Mr Ajao even continued the brutality by threatening the students with expulsion if further agitation and questioning was done.

The behaviour portrayed by Mr Ajao is an attack on the fundamental human right of these students, no matter what the students might have done,it is also a wanton display of indiscipline and it is unimaginable that a staff of a University that brands itself in “Learning and Culture” is engaging in such unruly and gross act.

Is to be noted that this isn’t the first time this would happen in recent years, we’ve been getting reports of lecturers harassment of students from different department and this is solely caused by lack of Students Union Government on ground that would defend the rights of students.

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