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Nashville Tornado wreaks havoc, wipes out airport, homes, kills several

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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A violent tornado that left much of Nashville in ruins has claimed several lives and wreaked serious havoc to the airport in the city, including destroying several small jets and buildings.

The tornado happened at night, leaving residents in utter shock at the scale of destruction that happened over the night.

Powerlines were struck down and homes were destroyed by the tornado.

According to FoxNews, the death toll has reached 22 after the tornado has cut through Central Tennessee. First responders, including fire servicemen and the police spent hours pulling survivors and bodies of the dead from wrecked buildings.

The Mayor of Nashville, John Cooper, while speaking to reporters on Tuesday morning said, “last night was a reminder about how fragile life is.”

See images from the wreckage caused by the tornado in Nashville Tennessee below.

Nashvile Tornado

Several small planes and entire airports were destroyed by the tornado on Tuesday.

Nashville Tornado destroys airports-planes

Several people also lost their homes to the violent tornado that left as much as 48 buildings in ruins.

The wreckage caused by the tornado can be seen from Metro Images
Nashville Tornado destroys homes

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