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“I am ready to make a movie now!” Basketmouth

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Legendary comedian and producer of the popular sitcom, My Flatmates, Basketmouth has announced that he is ready to make a movie now.

While Basketmouth already has a couple of movie titles to his belt, fans were taken by surprise when he made the announcement on his social media channel.

Basketmouth shared on Instagram

The comedian is known for his successful stand-up comedy shows that often sell out international stadiums and arenas such as the popular O2 Arena in London.

His sitcoms are not left behind too, as My Flatmates is currently one of the most viewed TV series in Nigeria at the moment.

So, it was surprising to everyone when Basketmouth said he was “ready to make a movie now!!”


Responding to a fan who asked him what the ones he has been making all these while are called, a cheeky Basketmouth responded “Rehearsals”

Let’s look forward to the new movie Basketmouth has coming for us.

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