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Evangelist Mrs. Lillian Bademosi identifies with safety on Nigerian roads

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According to report reaching oyogist.com,  Evang Lillian Bademosi hosted men and women of the Federal Road Safety Commission in her office at the Juniors and Christ Ambassadors International Group of Schools Oluyole Estate, Ibadan in Nigeria.

Issues of safety on Nigerian roads were discussed with a view to engaging the private sector with what the Federal Government is doing towards guaranteeing safety for all Nigerians on our roads.

This was made known to oyogist.com in a statement forwarded to us by our correspondent.

Speaking to Good Governance Nigeria(GGN)’s Upthrust Media after the closed-door meeting, Evang (Mrs) Lillian Bademosi emphasized the crucial need for every sector of the Nigerian public to participate actively in whatever way we can to be a part of our nation-building process within our individual capacities and competencies.

She and a few members of her schools’ management team are Special Field Marshalls of the Safety Commission while some of the students in her group of schools are members of the Road Safety Club.

The Road Safety Officers have conducted several trainings for staff and students of the schools on how to engage in daily activities and programs on road safety towards public responsibility on Nigerian roads.

Evang. Mrs. Lillian Bademosi is of the strong opinion that pupils and students not just in her schools but everywhere in Nigerian private and public schools should learn volunteerism and imbibe the culture of giving back to society instead of living a self-centered life. This is key to not only true nation-building but also personal happiness and fulfillment in life.

This great Nigerian educational leader had taken graduating students(SS3) of her secondary school to a rural village every year (in the past) before they pass out of the school to spend a weekend of education and reorientation at the grassroots.

Her purpose is to let them see that there is another life across the river, there are lives lived daily in abject poverty, there are children, men, and women who struggle to eke a living and that we all are called to live and let live, get blessed to be a blessing and get lifted in life so we might be God’s hands to lift generations coming behind.

This is why there is the introduction of the Road Safety and several other extracurricular clubs like the Red Cross in Juniors and Christ Ambassadors International Group towards giving total, all-round, altruistic education to every child in the school.

If this educational template is copied in every Nigerian school, we will be laying strong and enduring foundations for many children yet unborn and the future of our dear nation and other nations these young ones will go will be guaranteed.

At the close of the special working visit of the officers, men and women of the Road Safety Commission, Evang (Mrs) Lillian Bademosi, the School Chaplain, Pastor Chuks Nwachukwu, and Mr. Babatunde Oladunjoye another officer in the school saw the officers off after wishing them future success on the daunting task of keeping our roads and road users safe.

GOING DOWN MEMORY LANE……from the grapevine

“One day, Evang (Mrs) Lillian Bademosi was coming with her leaders and team members from Osun State after a mission outreach. Close to Ikire, there was a ghastly motor accident and she directed the bus they were traveling in to stop and help the wounded travelers.”

“They put them in their bus, drove to the nearest hospital, paid the entire hospital bill, and waited for about two to three hours to ensure all was well with their treatment before they took off for Ibadan their destination at past six o’clock to avoid late travel.”

“When they were leaving, the hospital staff looked confused and asked if they were not relations of the victims and they were told No. They just stopped to give a helping hand.

“While all other cars and buses stopped to sympathize and drove off, they stood and did the needful, going as far as tracing the family of the victims to inform them of the accident before going home. Evang (Mrs) Lillian Bademosi is not just a Special Road Safety Marshall by name. She walks her talk and lives the life we all as patriotic Nigerians are called to live for the transformation of our country.”

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