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President Trump Overrides Democrats, Signs Four Massive Executive Orders

by Amadu Victor
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The outbreak of the corona virus and its pandemic had massive hit on world economy, health care systems, and every other thing in between. In the US, the pandemic is not just a health and economic issue, it is also a political issue, as the nation is set to go to polls to elect their next president for the next four years, come November 3rd, 2020, oyogist.com reports.

With the polls drawing near; less than 90 days, every action of the political players on both sides of the political divide, is viewed from the prism of politics. The US federal government under President Trump’s administration, has made different moves to try and make lighter for her citizens, the economic burden that the pandemic had caused, even as millions of Americans have lost their jobs.

The US government has spent trillions of dollars in a bid to cushion the harsh economic impacts of the pandemic for her citizens.

oyogist.com reports


oyogist.com reports

However, with the recent stand off between the democratic party and the republicans to agree on a deal that would see more incentives given to the American people, President Donald J Trump has had to override their inactions, and with four massive executive orders, push for the well-being of the American people, the same that he swore under oath when he took office, to protect.

The four executive orders which President Donald Trump signed are as follows;

  • Extending Unemployment Benefits
  • Preventing Evictions
  • Extending Student Loan Relief
  • Payroll Tax Cut

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