Home Politics ‘Oshiomole: Buhari Made Me The Chairman, If He Decides to Remove Me, It Calls For No Brouhaha’ – Oshiomole

‘Oshiomole: Buhari Made Me The Chairman, If He Decides to Remove Me, It Calls For No Brouhaha’ – Oshiomole

by Amadu Victor
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The immediate past National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has said that he has accepted the decision of the National Executive Committee NEC to dissolve the National Working Committee NWC which he chaired until Thursday, Vanguard Newspaper has reported.

Oshiomole made this known at a news conference he called on Saturday in Abuja. The former Chairman said he has no regret over the various decisions he took while at the helm of affairs, stating that it was the president who invited him to pilot the affairs of the party two years ago, and that if he decides again in his wisdom that it is over, then it calls for no brouhaha, for he has to obey him as the leader of the party.

According to Oshiomole, he said, “Mr. President graciously invited me to run for the office of the chairmanship of the party in 2018, precisely about two years ago. The president told me then that if we did not reform the All Progressives Congress, we can as well forget about 2019. Those were his exact words.”

Oshiomole stated that he knew the tasks put before him by the president was not going to be an easy one, as it would entail taking difficult decisions. But as a man who is used to the life of struggles, Oshiomole said, he accepted the challenges, and today, he believed he did his best.


Highlighting some of his achievements in office, he said he is happy that Nigerians gave more vote to the President in 2019 general election under his watch than what APC got in 2015 and also more members in the Senate and the House of Representatives members.

Oshiomole further stated that unlike in 2015 when the party and President Buhari’s administration was confronted with rebellious National Assembly leadership, the case is different under the 2019 elections he presided over as the Chairman of the party, saying he was able to achieve the kind of unity which is expected of a governing party in the two chambers of the National Assembly.

Oshiomole emphasized that he had no regret whatsoever in his running of the affairs of the Party, saying there is no way you will run a party as big and diverse as APC that you won’t have some people who would not be happy with you. He stated further that one of his greatest achievement is also the ability of the party to dislodge Saraki from his hold of he Kwara politics, saying he is well satisfied with it.

“I think everything considered, I believe that the APC NWC under my chairmanship has done its best and the results are there”, he concluded.

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