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Distribute Prepaid Meters to Nigerians and Stop Trading Blames, Babajide Tells FG on Power Supply

by Amadu Victor
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Babajide Kolade otitoju a veteran journalist, while speaking on a Tuesday edition of the popular program “Journalist Hangout” on TVC news October 6, says this is not a time to trade blames among the power companies other than for the Federal government to distribute prepaid meters to all households, and with that electricity consumption can be measured, oyogist.com reports.

Babajide while speaking on the live program said “ I feel the game blame is not the right thing to do now, according to what the Generating company are saying that the Discos and TCN are hindering the generation of 4000MW daily.”

“It is just unfortunate that Nigerians are just being punished with poor state of electricity in country, imagine countries like Ghana who are generating far more than 4000mw daily, and we still here generating far below 3000mw daily. I think it is shameful to us as country.”


“The federal government should distribute prepaid meters to all Nigerians, and also use alternative measures to generate power, we can generate power through Hydro and even solar. For me it is not a time to start blaming one another for failure in our power sector. Also, increasing power tariff does not amount regular supply of power, so the issue is not increment for now.”

“Imagine South Africa generating more than 51000MW, and despite their generating capacity they still buy electricity from Zimbabwe and some other Africa countries. Even we need to talk about synergy here, even if we generate more 4000mw, and we can’t distribute up to 4000MW, what is now the essence of generating it.”

“It is time for the Nigeria government to work on our power sector and stop blame game, because without adequate power supply then the economy is at risk,” he said.

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