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Tragic: Japanese actor Yūko Takeuchi dies at 40

by Mustapha Olamide
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Japanese actor Yūko Takeuchi has died at the age of 40.

The mother of two was discovered by her husband in their Tokyo apartment early on Sunday morning (27 September). The death is presumed to be a suicide, local media reports.

Takeuchi was a prolific actor in both film and TV, with a list of credits including lead roles in the hit NHK drama Asuka in 1999, and the 2001 TBS drama Love and Life in the White.

One of her earliest film roles came in the hit 1998 J-horror Ringu, which was famously adapted into Hollwood horror film The Ring. In it, Takeuchi plays one of the first victims of the cursed videotape.

Takeuchi spent much of her career delivering comedic portrayals of skittish women, but also excelled in dramatic roles, such as the 2018 Hulu and HBO Asia co-production Miss Sherlock.

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