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“Let God Punish Me”, Ex-Minister Accused Of Stripping His Staff’s Clothes Cries Out

by Amadu Victor
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A few days ago an Ex-minister of state Olorogun Kenneth Gbaji was all over the news after he was accused of stripping the clothes of 4 of his hotel staffs, two ladies and two men, and then took photos of their unclad bodies claiming that they had stolen five thousand naira from him, oyogist.com reports.

He was alleged to have forcefully collected their ATM cards and made a withdrawal from each of their accounts, before humiliating them while taking pictures and finally handed them over to the police.

It was alleged that the 4 staffs received a 5 thousand naira tip from a kind guest due to their diligence and hard work, but when the ex-minister found out he altered the story and accused them of stealing from him.


The minister received a lot of backlash from people on social media, who called on the police to investigate the incident properly and arrest the ex-minister. The ex-minister in responding to the allegations denied ever humiliating anyone in the way that was portrayed by the media, and that the whole scandal was a ploy by his political opponents to tarnish his image and ruin his chances at the 2023 gubernatorial elections.

See his statement below:

He said the 4 people in question were not staff of his hotel but casual workers. He said that let God punish him if he is truly guilty of what he was being accused of.

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