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Prof. Lumumba Disagrees With ECOWAS & AU On Mali’s Coup, Sends Warning To Other African Leaders

by Amadu Victor
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Popular Kenyan Nationalist and a true son of Africa, Professor PLO Lumumba, has reacted to the recent military coup that happened in Mali.
On Tuesday afternoon, the Malian military announced that it has arrested the country’s president, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, and the Prime Minister, Boubou Cisse, following the violent protests that rock the West African country, oyogist.com reports.

The President and the Prime Minister were later moved out of their official residences to a military base near Bamako. The president later announced at the early hours of Wednesday that he has resigned and dissolved the government and national assembly.

Mali has been in crisis since four months ago following the annulment of the election results of some parliament seats in favor of some people loyal to the president.

The rebel groups demanded that the president should resign from his position for peace to regime in the troubled nation.


After the military struck yesterday, the world leaders and international organizations who had earlier moved to resolve the crisis condemned the coup.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) had sanctioned Mali and ordered its member states to close their land and air borders for Mali. The African Union, United Nations, and many world leaders also condemned the undemocratic removal of the Malian President.

However, Professor Lumumba disagreed with other world leaders, he said that military take over of Government is discouraged, but African leaders must understand that soldiers too are citizens. He said Keita’s removal should send a warning to other African leaders.

“Although the seizure of power by the Military is to be discouraged, African Presidents who cling to power to the detriment of the population must know that soldiers are also Citizens who will not be indifferent. Let KEITA’S fate be a warning to CONDE, BIYA, QATTARA, and others.” The professor said on his Twitter handle.

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