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FIFA announces New Regulations to Summer Transfer Window

by Amadu Victor
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According to the new regulations announced by Fifa today, football leagues will be allowed to open transfer windows before the current season is over. FIFA who announced this, in response to the delays to leagues across the wolrd which was due to the caused of the coronavirus pandemic, and some leagues as been cancel.

Earlier before the announcement Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has already said that the premier league top flight clubs will not be allow to sign players before 25 July, after season is brought to an end. This is also the plans of most European leagues, but Fifa’s new regulations announced today would allow transfer windows to be open earlier.


Fifa also make the announcement that football players would be allowed to play for up to three clubs rather than the usual two which as being the one present during the same season. That means that additional process as that will allow players to leave the clubs beyond winter and summer transfer.

The Premier League is now set to return on 17 June, with each clubs having at least nine more matches to play, other competition which include the FA Cup, Champions League and Europa League also still have to be completed. This will give player to be able to player in different clubs before the league comes to an end.

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