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Mobile telecommunications Company fingered in massive COVID-19 cases

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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A major mobile telecommunications company has been identified as the source of the mass COVID-19 cases recorded in Oyo State in recent days, OYOGist.com has learned.

Several sources, including a staff of the company and people with access to the COVID-19 Task Force, have affirmed that the company services users around the Mobile, Ringe Road area.

Yesterday, Monday, 18th of May, Governor Seyi Makinde revealed that 19 other positive COVID-19 cases were recorded at the same company, after 30 and 8 cases have been recorded on the 16th and 17th of this month, respectively.

“They receive a lot of guests, and their staff were exposed. I have been warned to stay off the area as they have been confirmed to be the source of the COVID-19 cases so far,” the source told OYOGist.com

“The Governor would still make the announcement himself today and he will validate our concerns.”

OYOGist.com is aware that residents and citizens of Oyo State, particularly those close to the Ibadan South West local government area, where Governor Seyi Makinde pointed as the area the company is domiciled, are anticipating the announcement of the company in question.

Our insider also confirmed to us that this company is one of the several major companies in Nigeria.

His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde, has said that he would reveal the identity of the company today, Tuesday, 19th of May, 2020. He revealed that his government has strategically withheld the name of the company from the public to enable investigations and thorough testing of all the staff.


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