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“Arrest whoever ranked Kobe 9th” fans react to new ESPN NBA ranking

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Fans of the late American Profession Basketball player have reacted to a new ranking of the all-time greatest players that placed the now-immortalized player as number 9th, OYOGist.com reports.

The new NBA ranking aimed to rank the new all-time greatest basketball players in the game’s 74-year history.

Kobe made the top 10 greatest players of all time, coming in at number 9, with Michael Jordan coming in at the first place.

ESPN explained that the ranking wasn’t meant to disrespect those that didn’t make it to the top ten, a category it describes as an exclusive club. The ranking was published on Wednesday, 13th of May, 2020.


“Being in the conversation as the best player of all time means being part of an exclusive club — no disrespect to those who just missed out on the top 10. The list of 10 through 1 crowns the exceptional performers who have their own cases to be the greatest ever,” the ESPN article wrote.

Of course, Kobe Bryant’s fans are not pleased with this ranking, calling for a review of it, with even one fan, @LakeShowYo jokingly calling for the arrest of [whoever ranked Kobe Bryant 9th to be arrested immediately.]


See how fans have reacted to Kobe Bryant’s ranking in the greatest players of all time by ESPN below:


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