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CNN Fires Three Employees For Coming To Work Unvaccinated

by Meso Ejiofor
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Oyogist.com has learned that CNN has reportedly fired three employees for entering its New York headquarters without being vaccinated for protection against COVID-19.

This was made known In an internal memo emailed to staff Thursday and obtained by several US media outlets.

“In the past week, we have been made aware of three employees who were coming to the office unvaccinated,” the memo read.

“All three have been terminated. Let me be clear — we have a zero-tolerance policy on this,” added the memo.

“You need to be vaccinated to come to the office. And you need to be vaccinated to work in the field, with other employees, regardless of whether you enter an office or not. Period.”

The memo did not specify the fired employees’ names, positions or office locations.

The network had been relying on an honor system that required workers to be vaccinated but did not demand any proof to confirm that.

But Jeff Zucker, CNN CEO has disclosed that this pattern may change going forward given the rise in Covid cases across the country.

“We always said that we would be flexible with our decisions on all of this – as evidenced by the recent change to the Atlanta date,” he wrote.

“This is another example of that. As new information is made available, we are constantly evaluating our decisions.”

In his note to staff, Zucker said CNN will postpone its company-wide September 7 return-to-office date likely until some time in October.

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