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Fast-growing Crypto, DogeMoon partners with UEFA, donates to Able Child Africa

by Jibson
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According to report reaching oyogist.com, Fast growing cryptocurrency, DogeMoon has donated and partnered with UEFA, and has also donated to Able Child Africa, a charity company based in UK.

The Dogemoon currency is a combination of both dogecoin and SafeMoon principles.

It was created in an attempt to unseat SAFEMOON and DOGE currency who are rising as fast as other crypto assets such as ETH and BTC retract.

Oyogist.com gathered that the SAFEMOON coin surged over 2900% in three weeks, drawing interest from a variety of investors in the crypto space while the DOGE cryptocurrency is currently rising by 24.36 percent in the last 24 hours.

DOGEMOON community donated to UEFA Foundation and Able Child Africa who makes life better for children with disability and vowed that it next donation from team will be at market cap 500K and next will be at market cap 1KK. 

It wrote on its website: “By the end of this start campaign, our donations will have exceeded $27,000! We want to start helping right away, so to get the ball rolling, 10,000,000 DOGEMOON will be donated for the first $1,000,000 market cap, 5,000,000 at 500k MC, and another 5,000,000 at 1M MC. This way we can give back immediately!, The first charity we are focusing on is The UEFA Foundation.”

They are also currently running a community contest where people can earn up to $5,000 USDT, with up to 27 possible winners.

The DOGEMOON currency as at the time of this report currently has 3,200+ holders, $2,300K market cap and currently valued at $0.000025.

The writer of this article does not hold any DogeMoon token at the time of publication.

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