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Just in: Argentina Senate considers a bill to legalise abortion for women

by Mustapha Olamide
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Argentina is marching towards what might be a historic moment because the Senate considers a bill to legalise abortion that, if approved, would make the Latin American country a leader on reproductive rights within the region.

“I have a quota of optimism, because i feel we, Argentine women, deserve it,” said Marta Alanis, a member of the campaign to legalise abortion in Argentina and among a gaggle of girls who has been waging the pro-choice battle for many years .

“The feminism has worked with all political parties for all the laws that need to do with women’s rights,” Alanis said. “We need to have a law that accompanies women at the hour of deciding to terminate a pregnancy.”

The bill to legalise abortion up until the 14th week of pregnancy passed its first hurdle earlier this month within the lower House of Deputies.

It had been suggested by President Alberto Fernandez, who adopted much of the language and concepts championed by the feminism for 15 years.

Fernandez promised in his 2019 election campaign to legalise abortion, and unveiled his bill to try to to so in March. The pandemic delayed the initiative so far .

It’s the first time a president in Argentina has endorsed the legalisation of abortion. But the result within the more conservative Senate, which can debate the legislation on Tuesday, is just too on the brink of call.

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