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“Covid-19 has never added up”- Kogi Deputy Governor downplays the virus

by Jibson
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According to report reaching oyogist.com, the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Edward Onoja took to twitter on Thursday to debunk COVID-19.

Onoja, in a Twitter post, challenged people to name any “non-high profile” person that died of COVID-19.

It would be recalled that his boss Yahayah Bello is also notorious for downplaying the virus, and even suggested that the lockdown measures are politicized.

Onoja’s twitter thread reads: “Leave the statistics.

“Do you personally know any citizen, not Public figure, who have died of Covid 19?

“And have you witnessed any burial of such? Don’t tell me yes based on the High Profile kind of Product advertisement we are seeing.

“If you haven’t seen such. Just seal your mouth. Not every human has frozen minds.

“Anyways you will collect the Vaccine next month in Nigeria 🇳🇬. The vaccine surprisingly came almost a year faster than they said it would come.

“We are watching. If they could tell us the Identity of other persons with Covid 19? I’m shocked why they are still concealing the Italian guy.

“However, you reason it both with logic, science and common sense. The Covid-19 matter has never added up. Las las they will say the Vaccine was the solution. Matter will end. Till they throw in another one. This time not from fish market but from frog market.”

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