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Federal Government Sanction Threat To CNN, A Pointless Threat – NYC

by Amadu Victor
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According to report reaching oyogist.com, the Nigerian Youth Congress has allegedly reacted to the federal government’s sanction threat against the Cable News Network (CNN), calling it a pointless threat.

This was made known by the NYC President, Mr. Blessing Akinlosotu, who said that the sacntioning of CNN by the Nigerian Authorities would prove counter productive to the federal government interest.

“CNN is an international media organization governed by laws that are not Nigerian in origin. So, seeking to sanction it may prove futile and counterproductive.”

“The Government should Instead, try and make known its own side of the story in a more humane manner.”


“The Lekki tollgate saga has been a great backlash on the federal government. And so, we hope they will try and make a case that will project the Nigeria Government as a less brutal country which is governed by the Rule of Law and respect for human life and dignity.”

Mr. Akinlosotu also stated that the Nigerian populace deserve to have a better understanding of what really transpired at the Lekki Toll Gate and that the government should stop the issuance of threats against the people and the media as the move could damage Nigerians reputation both home and abroad.

“Nigerians deserve more explanation about what happens in Lekki Tollgate and not a threat that will further affect the goodwill of Nigeria and Nigerians abroad.”

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