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BBNaija: Lucy tells Dorathy She is not comfortable with the way Nengi is playing Ozo

by Jibson
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Lucy told Dorathy about the fight that happened after the Live Eviction Show and kept us with our mouths open all through.

In this conversation, Lucy maintained her point on not referring to Nengi while she was soliloquizing in the bathroom, but Nengi still approached her and brought up the fight. She went ahead to say she apologized to Nengi but Nengi was still “carrying face for her”. She then told Dorathy that she wasn’t even angry at Nengi initially, but at Ozo for coming to calm her down when in fact, the fight didn’t originate from her.

The gist then leaned towards the Ozo/Dorathy/Nengi triangle and Lucy said that Dorathy should remove herself from the equation. She said this was what caused the fight between herself and Lucy until it became more personal and she said she wondered why Nengi would think she didn’t have the courage to say anything to her face. “Her new target was Evicted on Sunday and she was looking for the next move. I only feel bad for Prince because he was falling and he’s my friend,” she said.

“I just think she brought up that fight after I was done shouting, but she picked you as a target because she was trying to get at me but couldn’t talk to me directly,” Dorathy said to Lucy. “Ozo has already said he’s now physically attracted to her though,” she continued. Lucy replied saying it’s not that she’s upset that many guys are following her, but she just isn’t comfortable with the way Nengi was playing Ozo and the others in the House. “You can still be friends with someone and not be cozy with the person, but if you claim you’re just friends but you’re cuddling and being cozy, then you’re leading the person on,” she exclaimed.

Seeing that Dorathy didn’t entertain Lucy’s gist on Nengi and Ozo, we wonder if the fight between Lucy and Nengi was as a result of the built-up tension between the two or there’s a hidden beef which will still brew more fights in the House, as long as the triangle is mentioned

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