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Controversial VAR Decisions in 2019/2020 Premier league season.

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The Video Assistant Referee(VAR) was unanimously voted for by all premier league teams on the 15th November 2018 to be used in the 2019/2020 season to help referees in decisions they make to minimize their human shortcomings in officiating.

The premier league referees don’t check the side-pitch monitor unlike other leagues, there is a panel of referees in an enclosed space watching the monitor to help the referees make right decisions.

The VAR Decisions this season has brought more controversy which brings to question, If VAR has improved or worsen referees Decisions. This are some of the controversial decisions of VAR this season:

  1. Aston Villa vs Sheffield united; The keeper appeared to be inside the net with the ball in which the Hawkeye that was responsible for the goal-line technology didn’t see and the VAR refuse to intervene.

2) Aston Villa vs Manchester united; A penalty was awarded to man united when Bruno Fernades was the one to have fouled the player. VAR checked it and refuse to overturn the decision.


3) West Ham vs Manchester city; This was the first goal overturned by VAR in the premier league, Raheem sterling was adjudged to be offside by narrowest of margins.

4) Manchester city vs Tottenham; The 2-2 draw at the Ethiad city was merged when VAR refuse to give man city a penalty after it appeared that Erik lamela pushed Rodri in the box.

This are some managers reaction concerning the VAR.

Jose Mourihno Tottenham boss said” The referees should be the man on the pitch, we’re going into a direction which is really bad for a game that is a beautiful game.

Pep Guardiola Man city boss said ” I said many times I have a huge list for VAR, Every weekend is a big mess, in other games it is a big mess.

Hopefully next season we will see a much improved VAR Decisions now that FIFA is taking over the VAR in all Leagues.

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