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Lagos State Govt Finally Reveals Reason For Laying This Cable Everywhere In The City (Photos)

by Amadu Victor
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For the past few months, Lagosians have been seeing laborers around their communities and highways digging holes and tunnels and laying about five to six multi-color cables and pipes in it.
This project is being executed in every corner of the state even in the rural areas and it has created fears and anxiety in the populace, oyogist.com reports.

Different rumors and speculations have been flying around the city regarding the project. Some said it is an electrical cable, some believe it is a water project while others said the cables are for street lights. Even the laborers doing the work don’t know its purpose.

The height of the rumor is those who believe that the project is for the 5G network that the government is secretly doing in the city. They also said that the 5G network is so powerful that it is capable of harming humans.

Lagos State Government under the leadership of Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu has finally revealed the actual reason why they are digging holes and laying some multi-color cables and pipes in it.

In a statement released by the Lagos State Infrastructural Maintenance and Regulatory Agency (LASIMRA) on Monday evening, the agency explained that the project is the state government effort to harmonize telecommunications.


It is Fibre Optics Cable and Digs Once a policy of the Government and it is in accordance with Public-Private laws of the state. It is also part of the Lagos State City Initiative.

The statement also said that the project will eliminate fragmentary and constant digging of the state roads and highways by telecommunications companies.

The agency debunked the rumor that the project is connected to the 5G network and Covid-19 as being speculated on social media. Research also shows that the project is for the benefit of the populace. It will enhance the integrated network system.

With the network cable close to our homes, we will enjoy a fast and cheap internet connection. You can watch videos online without buffering. You can also use it for your television.

The project is not in any way connected to the 5G network now as been speculated on social media. However, the Cable can actually be used for the 5G network when the Federal Government finally gives the permission to use it.

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