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Russian Cyber-criminal Sentenced to 9-years in Prison

by Amadu Victor
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News emanating from Russia, confirmed that a computer hacker that was instrumental to the $20 million in credit card fraud, has been sentenced to nine years in prison.

According to the prosecutors while addressing the case of Aleksei Burkov, the Russian from Zenith Saint Petersburg, they say filled a unique niche when it comes to the world of cyber-crime. Participant who are interested had to put up a $5,000, and must refer to three existing members who will vouch for them. Once a member is in, they can buy and sell stolen credit-cards numbers, hacking services and malware.


Prosecutor Kellen Dwey said at Friday’s hearing, “You’ve made it as a criminal once you get on Direct Connection because you have access to the best criminals in the world.” The website has been on for some time now, it ran from 2009 until 2015, when Burkov was arrested.

There is another websites which is the second, known as, Card Planet, it also offered stolen credit numbers for sale from anywhere from $3 to $60, according records. With more than 150, 000 numbers were offered for sale, most of this cases came from the United State of America financial institutions. While deceiving people that, they would get their money back, because the site offered money-back guarantees if a stolen number didn’t work.

Even though Israel have proposed for the release of the criminal in an exchange with a woman that was also sentenced.

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