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Former Senator Shehu Sani Explains Reasons Bandit Kept On Attacking Northern State

by Amadu Victor
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A well known Nigerian former senator, an author, playwright and human rights activists Shehu Sani, has said attack by robber still keep going in spite of previous discussions with the bandits.

The Nigeria Senator, Shehu Sani made the statement on Monday, June 22, on his twitter social media platform, and he also made mention of some reasons why the bandits have not stopped attacking the northern despite the negotiations with them.


Some of the reasons mentioned by Shehu Sani is that robbers are groups without a central leadership, and another point mentioned by the him is that bandits are motivated by money and can only be sustained by money.

Lastly, he said the robbers are cross-border gang that operates without regards or identification for any laws or government.

However, a security expert and public affairs commentator Terrence Kuanum, has allocate the continual cases of violence and bandit attacks in parts of northern Nigeria to the activities of failed politicians. Kuanum said these politicians are only focused on painting the President Muhammadu Buhari administration in a bad light.

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1 comment

Phoenix June 23, 2020 - 7:37 am

Whether politically motivated or decentralised leadership our security agents should do their jobs. Unless they are trying to imply the bandits are more equipped which is not true.


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