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What Exactly Is NCDC Hiding? – Yahaya Bello Fires at NCDC As He Imposes Lockdown

by Amadu Victor
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Governor Bello in his address has reportedly stated that the lock down is to calm tension in the state and especially the Kabba local government where the NCDC had reportedly gotten two index cases from.

Speaking further, the governor said he wonder what the NCDC are hiding because he had sent some persons to Abuja to check on the said index case but were refused access by officials of the NCDC.

Even after announcing the lockdown on Kabba LGA, Yahaya Bello stated that there is no Covid-19 in Kogi state. In his words, “The NCDC claim to have gotten two index cases from Kabba LGA of Kogi state and we went to verify their claims in the Abuja national hospital but were denied access to the said patient, all the experts I sent to check on the infected person were not allowed entrance to the ward they have admitted them, I wonder what exactly the Nigeria Center for Disease Control is really hiding from Nigerians”.

OYOGist.com reports


OYOGist.com reports

The governor went on to the people of Kogi for standing with him and his decision to keep the state safe from the deadly virus, encouraging them to keep their faith up as the pandemic will soon be history. He did not resist the urge to keep asking over and over during his speech what the NCDC are hiding, in his words, “What is the NCDC hiding and what are they not telling Nigerians”?

He further added that all activities in other parts of the state continues as usual except in the one local government he has imposed a lock down on, which may not also last for long. He assured the people of peace and progress even in the face of the pandemic.

Recall that on Wednesday 27th June 2020, the Nigeria Center for Disease Control had reported two index cases in Kogi state which was denied by the state government led by the commissioner for Health Dr. Haruna Audu and the governor of the state, Yahaya Bello.

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