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COVID-19 Survivor Shares Experience At Isolation Centre 

by John Asama
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A COVID-19 survivor has narrated how he overcame the disease during his stay in the isolation centre, noting that the stigma was a challenge.

Oluwatimilehin, a physiotherapist, was admitted into the isolation centre where he spent 12 days after contracting the virus.

Describing his stay at the isolation centre, Oluwatimilehin said while there were people with mild and moderate cases, most of the cases were severe.

He stated that the country is in a case of community transmission.

He said: “May 1st, I was yellow (confirmed cases). May 12: I am green, 12 days in Isolation Centre, an amazing experience I must say. Well done Lagos State and Federal Government. I was asymptomatic all through. I tested negative twice since admission and was finally discharged yesterday (Tuesday).

“COVID is real and it’s with us already. There were quite many mild to moderate cases, but the severe ones are major. I’ve faced a lot even in a short while as regards stigma and the likes, which is expected. Not everyone can handle the burden.

“I make bold to say we’re already in a community transmission, especially in Lagos State.”

He urged people to adhere to social guidelines and practice respiratory hygiene. 

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He added, “COVID is real and if we don’t take necessary precautions, it’ll become quite overwhelming. Observe all safety practices. Use face masks, wash your hands. For the sake of the “vulnerable”, don’t roam around if you don’t have a very important reason to.

“Take the utmost precaution. I thank God I survived without a scratch at all, sadly the 158 friends, the family we’ve lost didn’t. May God comfort them! 

“I won’t have received the care I received if some people didn’t choose to “risk” their lives to render help. Please, do your best to reduce the burden on them, it can be quite overwhelming, I’ve been there.”

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