Home Breaking News “I will not close my State, hunger is the worst disaster ever” – Gov. Ben Ayade

“I will not close my State, hunger is the worst disaster ever” – Gov. Ben Ayade

by Amadu Victor
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Governor Ben Ayade of the state of Kuros-Riba has explained why he has not ordered the closure of his state in the same way as it does in other countries and even some states of Nigeria.

Ben Ayade thinks that protecting the lives of people without protecting their food supply could throw the country into a new crisis after the outbreak of Coronavirus.

“Some of our brothers and sisters rely on regular labor to get food. If you take a meal all day on Earth, on the day you were banned from working, you would not have enough money to spend ‘It’. The Governor Ayade said.

OYOGist.com reports


OYOGist.com reports

For this reason, the governor said he was opposed to closing down the state, saying people should be allowed to continue to seek money as long as they cover their faces with extreme protection.

Ayade explained: “Worldwide, hunger and related diseases like Kwashiorkor and TB are killing about 8.4 million people every year.”

That is why the governor thinks there is no famine in the world. “We will do everything we can to curb the spread of this epidemic in our state.”

“We will also protect the lives of the people, but there is also a risk of survival without a safe way to access food. There must be a good relationship between them.”

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