Home Politics “Mr President, Do Not Allow 5G in Nigeria!” Femi Fani Kayode cries to Buhari

“Mr President, Do Not Allow 5G in Nigeria!” Femi Fani Kayode cries to Buhari

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Nigeria’s former Minister for Aviation, and vocal APC opposition leader Femi Fani Kayode has urged the President to reject the new and advanced mobile technology service known as 5G in Nigeria.

In a now viral post shared on the former Minister’s verified Twitter account, the Fani Kayode urged the President to reject the 5G technology ascribing all modern-day evil to it.

He also called on the President to reject face masks from the Chinese people that may be on its way to Nigeria as well as any vaccine or Coronavirus aid.

”Mr. President,

Do NOT allow 5G in Nigeria & if you have already done so burn it,” Fani Kayode tweeted on Saturday morning.

Do NOT accept face masks & other accessories from the Chinese to help prevent coronavirus.

Do NOT accept help from Chinese doctors.

Do NOT accept any anti-Coronavirus vaccines from ANYONE.”

There is no research that shows the 5G technology is source of evil, and neither has any research pointed to it as the source of the coronavirus outbreak.

A simple Google search of “5G in Africa” shows leading fact checking publications such as the AFP Fact Check and a host of other reputable publications and outlets have published articles to dismiss the false claims that 5G causes Coronavirus.

However, thousands of conspiracy theorists, including celebrities from America, have blamed the 5G technology, spearheaded by Chinese Mobile Technology giant, Huweiw for many of today’s disasters, including the novel Coronavirus outbreak that was caused by an animal in an exotic animal farm and market in Wuhan, Hubei a province in China.

5G has been blamed for a host of things, including radioactive harm that lead to respiratory problems, damage to the DNA, even cancer and now the Coronavirus.

However, these statements have been debunked by scientists and technology experts.


Tha 5G mobile technology has already been deployed to users by major telecommunications companies around the world, including AT&T,

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