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“I walked out on my lawyer when he came to visit me in Prison – Sunday Igboho laments

by Nwani Chisom
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Oyogist has learned that Yourba Nation agitator, Sunday Igboho has expressed anger with his Beninese lawyers over their inability to stop his detention at a prison in Benin Republic.

Igboho said this during a phone call.

According to him,“Lawyer Salami came to prison to see me, but he kept me waiting, attending to some other people for more than 15 minutes. I called on him, ‘Lawyer, I’m waiting, I’m hungry. I want to go and eat’.“

But he replied me saying, ‘will you be going then’ and I walked away. I don’t lie. He was here to see me, not someone else. He should have told those ones that he wanted to see his client. I am not a kid. I will be 50 in October.While the caller tried to persuade Sunday Igboho to make peace with his lawyers because freedom is better than being in captivity, he retorted: “If lawyers don’t want to represent me in court anymore, no problem. It is God who knows how I got here. He will set me free. Are those lawyers God?

“Lawyers that could not tell the judge not to take me to prison, despite how many they were. They were up to 10. In their presence, the judge ordered my detention in prison. Are those ones lawyers?“Those who could not remove handcuffs from my hands until Falana came to do so. Are they lawyers? And they collected huge amount of money. Five million, four million, three million (Naira), that was how they were paid; yet they couldn’t remove handcuffs from my hands. I don’t fear any lawyer or anybody. Anything they want to do to me, I’m ready.

“I don’t need any information from Salami. Anything they want to do, they should go ahead. If he is on phone, he should hear me. I don’t need any information from anyone. I need information from God.

“I told my wife the last time she came here that I don’t need any information from anyone. The information that nobody has been able to get to secure my release from here, God should give me, Igboho said Further.

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