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King of Scavengers: Dele Momodu Lashes Back at Lauretta Onochie

by Amadu Victor
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According to report reaching oyogist.com, Chief Dele Moodu has reportedly lashed out at the Special Assistant on Social Media, to President Muhammadu Buhari, Mrs. Lauretta Onochie, after she openly called Dele Momodu, the ‘king of scavengers’.

Mrs. Lauretta called Dele Momodu, a King Scavenger after he called out President Muhammadu Buhari for failing the Nigerian populace.

Reacting to the attack, Dele Momodu said: “Once again, my attention has been drawing to the tweets by a troublesome woman called Lauretta who claims to be working for President Muhammadu Buhari on social media but continues to attract public odium to the exalted office of the Nigerian President. Here’s my simple response.

“Lauretta is obviously peeved that I described her as a scavenger in the corridor of power. I stand by that assessment and assertion. If she has any iota of shame, she would’ve resigned after her nomination was sent to the national assembly, but rejected, as an INEC Commissioner…

“Lauretta was promptly and soundly rejected by a national assembly that is largely controlled by the ruling party APC and the shameless woman has no modicum of self-respect that would have enabled her show she can survive outside power, but NO, Buhari is her last HOPE in life!!!


“Lauretta now calls me a scavenger for doing my job professionally & objectively without any tinge of vindictiveness. Her reasons? I covered the Abachas, Atikus & others because I was hungry. Imagine such chicanery. A supposed media aide who doesn’t know the basic tenets of media!

“Lauretta, what have I done wrong by interviewing and interacting with fellow Nigerians? Apart from being a journalist, I was a Presidential candidate like your boss in 2011 and you should know that leaders interact with fellow leaders while their lackeys are busing breaking heads!

“Lauretta, have you forgotten that Abacha once served under Buhari but Buhari later served under Abacha when the tides changed. Buhari even praised Abacha to high heavens and said he was never corrupt! Pls quote, anywhere I ever praised Abacha! I covered a wedding like other media.

“Lauretta, have you forgotten that Buhari’s military government was toppled by Babangida in 1985 and they became sworn enemies. But this did not stop Buhari from visiting Babangida in Minna several times when he needed his endorsement. Yet a journalist cannot report newsmakers!!

“Lauretta, please be patient as I take you down memory lane since you were trying hard to eke a living abroad while we were busy fighting for the good of Nigeria. Buhari visited Obasanjo for endorsement despite their altercations in the past. Did he do so because he was scavenging!!

“Lauretta, you said I ran to England during the Abacha era but was I scavenging in England like you? By the grace of God, I managed to build a global brand & still found time to join hands with freedom fighters like Soyinka, Akinrinade, Tinubu, Oyegun, Fayemi, Afikuyomi & others!

“Lauretta, get a life. You are the biggest nuisance drawing negative vibes constantly to your boss. You dey lucky say Buhari no dey sack, you for don scatter since,” Dele Momodu said.

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