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“If you want to go to Canada, pursue it”- President Buhari media aide advises Nigerians

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According to report reaching oyogist.com, media aide to President Buhari, Tolu Ogunlesi, has advised those interested in relocating out of the country to do so and not put their lives on hold in Nigeria.

Ogunlesi was reacting to the current exodus of young Nigerians to Canada in search of better lives.

The social media in recent past have been agog with the news of relocations and stories of Nigerians wishing them good luck as they bid farewell to the country.

While many wish they could leave, as they see Nigeria as a failed state, others condemn the current spate of relocation accusing the immigrants of running away rather than working to make Nigeria better.

Buhari’s aide on his Twitter page wrote: “A good number of Nigerians moving to Canada are actually moving from the UK and US after years there-and not only from Nigeria.

“People should be encouraged to follow their heart and move or Stay. Movers need not diss Stayers (or Nigeria!)and Stayers need not diss Movers.”

“If you want to go to Canada, by all means, pursue it. The tragedy is in putting your life on hold in Nigeria because you want to go to Canada, & then ending up not being able to go to Canada. Because the truth is, not everyone who wants to go to Canada (or anywhere else) will be able to. Those looking to move may find that they are unable to due to various issues. However, moving their belongings should not be an issue upon arrival, as removal firms like these movers in Richmond Hill are on hand to help if the destination is in the Toronto area.

“The reality is Canada doesn’t have room for everyone who wants to go. Only a fraction will make it. But everyone who wishes to go should try (through official channels of course-not by trying to stroll across from the US)

“But what if you’re one of those who won’t be able to go. What’s the backup plan?

“And if you’re one of the privileged fraction that makes it, please don’t burn your Nigeria bridges. I know it can be exciting to finally be free of Naija and its wahala, hehe. But don’t cut the ties. Keep in touch, keep an eye on the opportunities back home. Nobody knows tomorrow,”

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