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Pat Utomi Slams Nigerian Leaders Over Bad Leadership

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that popular Nigerian business and economic expert, Pat Utomi, has slammed the Nigeria leaders for handling the economic, political and security situation of the country with levity.

Pat Utomi noted that it is a shame to see the way the Nigerian economic and political system is being run by the Nigerian leaders. He said the past way of life was far better than the present way of life in the country while also comparing the situation of Nigerian to that of Singapore.

“Where is the place of discipline in development? Where is the place of commitment? Singapore’s progress was significantly a result of forced-saving, that is saving money by force, ditto pension funds, ditto housing funds. Today, our money is disappearing from pension funds.”


“We should feel a deep sense of personal shame that we had a better life than our children.

“In most societies, the question people ask is that, ‘is your life better today than it was yesterday?

“Every generation is expected to have a life better than the generation before.

“We, as teenagers, as young professional men and women, have had better lives than our children and we must not let this to continue.”

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