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Hadjigueorguiev, a man who set police officer on fire warns of facing long term jail by the judge

by Mustapha Olamide
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A man who set a cop ablaze has been cautioned by an jidge he will confront a long jail sentence.

Blagovest Hadjigueorguiev, 30, admitted making offensive substantial mischief to Pc Darral Mares, who endured serios burns to his arms and legs and must be transported to medical clinic.

The 51-year-old official and a partner were called to a home in Newquay, Cornwall, a month ago after reports of a man acting forcefully as bailiffs were completing a removal on private land.

Bodycam footage played to Truro Crown Court indicated the officials addressing Hadjigueorguiev, who was holding a bottle.

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The respondent solicited one from the officers where they were from, regardless of whether they were Cornish and why they had Tasers.

At the point when the officer answered that they had Tasers to secure themselves, Hadjigueorguiev said he had the bottle for his protection.

After a while, flares were seen on the recording and shouting could be heard. The camera at that point showed an officer’s burnt hand and melted blue glove.

Hadjigueorguiev admitted causing horrifying real damage with expectation and endeavoring to make terrible real mischief with goal Pc Mares’ partner, Pc Alan Lenton, who was healthy.

Judge Robert Linford adjourned the case until 6 November for reports and articulations from the officials to be readied, telling Hadjigueorguiev: “It is just being accomplished for that reason, to have a refreshed arrangement of proclamations with respect with the impacts that this assault has had on the two cops.

“You will get a very protracted jail sentence for this assault. You are remanded in custody until that date.”

Pc Mares, a previous Army officer, is perceived to be recuperating at home with his family.

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