Home Politics Ondo Election: “SARS Should Not Be Ended Just Because Of Their Brutality” – Gov Akeredolu (Video)

Ondo Election: “SARS Should Not Be Ended Just Because Of Their Brutality” – Gov Akeredolu (Video)

by Amadu Victor
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As the Ondo state Gubernatorial race draws closer, the people and the candidates are all tensed up waiting for the main day to arrive, the election would be second to the most anticipated election, coming in after the Edo State Gubernatorial election, oyogist.com reports.

The Ondo election has three main contenders, the incumbent governor, the PDP candidate and the deputy governor, but tonight it appeared to be just two people battling for the seat of the governorship position, the deputy governor did not come in for the debate.

While the debate was hot and red, the moderator Seun asked a very important question, one that would be what every young Nigerian youths wants to hear him talk about, his response was rather cold to many, this is known through the reactions online.

The governor and present candidate of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Rotimi Akeredolu Sayed that the problem is not ending the SARS because of the mere brutality, he stated that,the people who run that part of the force should be the once questioned.

While almost all the youths of Nigerian protest online for the SARS move and era to be ended, the governor stands on a completely different ground away from the youths for SARS not to be ended.


It was not the idea that SARS should not be ended that is hurting some persons but the way the governor stated it, he said that should not be ended because of their brutality. I wonder why else the youths have been crying for SARS to be ended if not for their brutality.

Governor Akeredolu’s comment on SARS may, to a large extent affect his outcome in the forthcoming election, there are more strategic ways to answer such questions, knowing fully well that the larger population are standing up and waiting for that very question.

While ansering the question asked by the moderator Seun about his take on the EndSARS protest and their brutality, the governor said;

“I do not think that the problem with SARS is with their brutality and way of operation, I mean they have proven useful in recent times, there are less robberies than before.

The solution does not lead to ending it, SARS should not be ended just because of their brutality. The people who run the SARS should be the ones ansering the questions.”


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