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Former Nigerian President Jonathan Won’t Contest Again – Lawyers

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that the Nigerian constitutional and legal experts have expressed differing views on the Nigerian constitution on whether the former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan can run for re-election, considering how he took the oath twice after the death of former President Umaru Musa Yar’adua.

Barrister Mainasara Kogo Umar explained that sections 130 to 140 addressed the issue on the issue of the eligibility of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to run for the presidency of Nigeria.

He said the president, as the commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, must be an office bearer who, if upset, would set an example of character, values, elders and knowledge.

He added that the Nigerian constitution does not stipulate that a person should not be elected twice, and that a person should not be sworn in twice.

On whether a mistake was made in allowing former President Jonathan to run for re-election in 2015, Barrister Mainasara Kogo said it was a matter that could be challenged in court under the interpretation act, the law that came to hail and clarify.


In recent days, rumors have been circulating that former president Goodluck Jonathan will run for re-election in 2023 given his recent visit to the presidency and senior SAN lawyers. they have repeatedly dismissed the issue, arguing that if the amended constitution is to be followed, he is not eligible to run again.

Amendments to the constitution signed by President Buhari last week barred any vice president who has completed his term of office from running for vice president more than once, as well as any deputy governor who has completed his term. The governor’s administration is the same for the deputy governor.

The president is unlikely to fulfill his term in office due to death or resignation, which would allow his vice president to complete his term as then-vice president Goodluck Jonathan, taking the new oath. to work to complete Yar’Adua’s term.

If the amendment to the law had been in place and it worked well, in 2015, Jonathan would not have been eligible to run for re-election.

On the other hand, the views of some former deputy governors differ on the issue where former Ogun State deputy governor, Senator Adegbenga Kaka, has said that they are not allowed to run for office once because holding the post of deputy governor is unconstitutional.

Democrat, saying voters should take similar action or amend the constitution, with former Oyo State deputy governor Hazeem Gbolarumi welcoming the bill along with former Osun state deputy governor Senator Iyiola. Omisore, who has been indifferent to the law.

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