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Gmail To Get New Design/Logo

by Nwani Chisom
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Gmail is currently working on getting a new logo soon, report says. This move is part of Google’s larger plan to give Gmail a facelift, with other changes planned as well.

Recall earlier, Google recently integrated Gmail with Google Meet and Google Chat, which suggests that Gmail wants to move away from being just an email platform.

The new anticipating Gmail logo features an ‘M,’ but doesn’t explicitly have the traditional envelope to accompany it. Report says Google sent an image to an organisation, indicating that it is working on a new logo for Gmail.

Instead of explicitly featuring the envelope icon, the new logo only implies the envelope shape through the whitespace above and below. The outer corners of the icon look more rounded than earlier.

The image of the new Gmail logo currently undergoing review is an uncoloured technical drawing. The usual blue, green, yellow, and red colours would be incorporated by Gmail into the logo.

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