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Giroud believes he will get his time to play despite the arrival of Timo Werner.

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 Lampard has been stocking up big-name players raising questions on how he can make it all work for Chelsea FC next season. One player who may need to push himself is Olivier Giroud.

Giroud is seen as one of the players who could be displaced if he is unable to keep up with the new breed. Regardless, the 33-year-old believes he remains unique and different. One new face that most feel would displace him is Timo Werner.

However, the French player believes he and Werner play differently. He feels he will get playing time and all he is focusing on is competing for the title.

“We want to be in the race for the title and I’m here. I finished the season well and I proved to the manager that he can count on me,” Giroud said “Werner is not the same profile as me, I hope to have some playing time.”

Last season, Giroud appeared in 18 matches and started in 12 of them. His contract is due to expire at the end of next season after signing an extension back in May. The 33-year-old feels he still has something to offer although he has not yet discussed this with Lampard.

“I haven’t spoken to Lampard. One thing is certain: the competition [in the squad] will pull us all to the top. A great club should have different options in each position,” Giroud said.

Giroud is one of the names heavily linked to transfer talk. Marseille and Inter were among the clubs eager to sign him but nothing prospered.

Of the two clubs, it appears Marseille had the inside track. Current Lyon boss Rudi Garcia admitted he tried to lure Giroud when he was still with Marseille and also called him when he joined Lyon. But for him, the French player is best off staying at Chelsea.

“I called Olivier when I was in Marseille, I also called him when I was in Lyon,” Garcia said. “But he is good at Chelsea.”

Giroud gets the chance to prove that for Chelsea when they play Brighton on Sept. 14. A week after that, the Blues test the mettle of Liverpool.

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