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Lucy doesn’t like the way Ka3na was mimicked by Housemates.

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After the Wager rehearsal, Dorathy and Prince called their friend, Lucy aside and questioned her on her mood. According to them, they heard her crying to Neo earlier and for this reason, they wanted to find out why. “You can’t keep taking it personal when your ideas are not accepted during Tasks, we need to learn how to work together in the House.

It’s the seventh week already and you need to know how to adjust to certain things in this House since you should be used to all of it,” Dorathy told Lucy.

When given a chance to explain her sudden mood in the House, Lucy said she wasn’t upset because of people turning down her ideas; instead she wasn’t happy with the way her friend, ka3na, was being portrayed in the Wager Task preparations. “What of the times she was happy in the House, singing and twerking to entertain everyone, why didn’t they mimic that? Why are they only picking out the controversial moments that involved her in the House,” she said amidst tears. She further talked about the fact that the Housemates only refer to her (Lucy) as the Housemate that cooks and cleans, and she didn’t like that. According to her, she would rather not want to be remembered for that only after spending such a long time in the House.

“It’s not even that deep,” Dorathy told her. After hearing her side of the story, Dorathy and Prince tried to explain to Lucy that taking these things personal would only stress her further, especially when it involved Tasks in the Lockdown House.

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Do you think Lucy was overreacting or did she have a point that should not be overlooked? Perhaps the fear of being on the table of possible Eviction has gotten to her.

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