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BBNaija: Erica called kiddwaya a spoilt brat after ending their relationship.

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After her discussion with Tolanibaj, Erica went into the House to have a conversation with Kiddwaya to let him know her deep feelings for him and, to define what they have. After what happened to be a long one-sided talk, Erica asked Kiddwaya for a response to all she had said. “I have nothing to say,” he responded.

This triggered Erica and she decided to call their situationship off. While extending her hands to give him what seemed like a farewell handshake, she told him, “Have a nice life, it was nice knowing you”.

Trikytee and Prince who were in the closet while Kiddwaya and Erica had their conversation, got involved in this matter. Erica told them that she deserves more than Kiddwaya is offering her and went ahead to narrate their conversation to them.

She also made them understand that she is a catch outside the House and has a queue of men waiting for her, but while she’s interested in only Kiddwaya, he’s not reciprocating the feelings. “I’ve taken a lot from him, I’m not interested http://www.tucsonmedical.com/pages/generic_cialis.php anymore so I’ll just focus on my career,” she tells them while also calling Kiddwaya a spoilt brat. She also mentioned the fact that Kiddwaya broke up with her earlier in the day and while explaining this, she started crying.

This prompted Prince and Trikytee to comfort her and give her a hug. Kiddwaya walked back into the conversation to give her a soothing hug and then told her to go take a bath and stop crying.

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While they joked about their individual counseling skills, Prince and Trikytee called Kiddwaya aside to ask him about his genuine feelings for Erica. “Do you like her? How do you feel about her,” they kept asking him.

Kiddwaya then proceeded to explain his situationship with Erica and made them understand that he cares for her but he can’t give her what she wants because of his background, and how he grew up without having much love shown around him. He described it as ‘tough love’ and said Erica wants something more than he can currently offer her.

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