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I listen better to the African-American people than anybody else says Trump

by Mustapha Olamide
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Only days before his inauguration, Donald Trump asserted that he was more in line with the African-American people group than a gathering of conspicuous social liberties activists, including the child of killed social liberties pioneer Martin Luther King Jr.

The meeting among Trump and the activists, including Martin Luther King III, William Wachtel, and Riverside Church minister Dr Rev James Forbes, was orchestrated by Presidential Transition Team associates as an approach to settle pressures between the approaching president and the African-American people group.

Be that as it may, the occasion immediately became, in the expressions of one Trump associate, “the most awful effort meeting throughout the entire existence of presidential change”. As indicated by a chronicle and record of the meeting, Trump invested unmistakably more energy airing his own complaints and making over the top cases than tuning in to the activists’ interests.

Subsequent to bragging having been perceived by Time as the magazine’s “Individual of the Year”, Trump told the gathering of social equality activists: “I listen better to the African-American individuals than any other person. Any other person in this room.”

Trump’s revelation that he was better at tuning in to African-Americans than the child of Martin Luther King Jr shocked both the change authorities and the welcomed visitors who’d accompany King.

“I was so humiliated,” said one progress colleague who heard the trade. “Who in their calm, right brain would state to Martin Luther King III, whose father gave his life battling for equity for ethnic minorities, would state they accomplished more — as in more than surrendering your life — for individuals of color than any other individual?”

The staff member included that Trump now and again seemed uninformed of what the gathering was about and with whom he was meeting.

“I am 100 percent persuaded that he overlooked who the hell he was conversing with,” they said.

In spite of the fact that King pitched Trump on his longstanding proposition to add photos to Social Security cards for use as voter recognizable proof, the then President-elect was more keen on their potential as an instrument to get rid of undocumented foreigners. Trump went to Wachtel — child of the late Southern Christian Leadership Conference lawyer Harry Wachtel — and asked: “How would you feel… about individuals coming over the fringe and casting a ballot where they’re not residents?”

After Wachtel reacted that the proposed government ID could be utilized for movement authorization purposes, Trump rehashed an exposed case that “a huge number of individuals, countless individuals,” had casted a ballot wrongfully in California and Florida.

“I thought I was going to win Florida, yet there was a ton of cheating in Florida, and there was a great deal of cheating — enormous cheating in California,” he said.

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