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BBNaija: “I’m just bored of everyone here”- Erica

by Jibson
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Erica is plagued by a heavy feeling of being surrounded by so many new people in the House and it seems to be affecting her energy. So heavy is this feeling that she is contemplating making her exit from the House. “I feel like leaving and at the same time, I don’t want to go, I need it for my career,” she said.


Her inability to adjust to some of the Housemates and be far from her comfort zone and circle has her in quite a sober mood. “I am just bored of everyone here or maybe I’m not just good with people as I thought,” she lamented. The constant “Erica, are you okay?” is beginning to get to her and she fears she might lash out eventually or be plain rude just to get people to leave her alone.

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Hopefully, the Housemates find a way to play this game without burning too many bridges. 

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