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Meet Mark Court, The Only Man Who Knows How To Draw The Coach Line On A Rolls Royce

by Amadu Victor
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Meet Mark Court, a former village sign Painter who is now responsible for the painting of Rolls Royce coach lines or pinstripes as they’re properly called at the company’s Goodwood, England factory, oyogist.com reports.

The art of painting the coach lines is the last phase of the manufacturing process. The paints quickly sticks with the underlying car paint that once it is messed up,no eraser can erase it. Hence,the need for Mark to be at his best mental state at all times because of the pressure involved.

Mark is the only one employed by Rolls Royce to do this job. No one else has the skills or experience to do it.


In one of his interview with CNN Business,he stated “This is just another car to me,” he went further “If you start worrying about who owns them or where it’s going, it’ll play with your mind. Then you’ll never do it. You just got to be able to learn to shut off and do what you need to do.”

Mark rarely takes time off once he starts because doing that might cause him to lose his focus.

While making use of a long bristled brush which is made of squirrel hair, Mark paints each stripes by hand, spending up to 3 hours on a car.

His job is so important that if you purchase a Rolls Royce and decide after delivery that you want to have a coach line,the company will fly Mark to you, irregardless of wherever you are in the world just to apply that stripe for you.

This further indicates how much Rolls Royce pays attention to details in every single one of the many parts involved in making the car.

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