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IGP Order Investigation Into A Viral Video Of Ibadan Lady Who Was Harassed By A Police Officer

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that the Inspector-General of Police, Adamu Mohammed, has requested an examination (investigation) concerning a viral video involving some cops in Ibadan, Oyo state pestering and harassing a female suspect.

According to reports, the officials had gone to the home of a presumed hijacker and furnished looter to capture him and there they met the 25-year-old woman who gave her name as Towobola.

The cops, subsequent to taking the hijack presume away, confronted Towobola, cuffed her and blamed her for laying down with the supposed hijacker.

One of the cops who recognized himself as ‘Wyclef’, brought out his telephone and began to film the Tobowola as he posed her inquiries about her sexual coexistence.

Officer ‘Wyclef’

Wyclef in the video derided Towobola, disclosing to her that youngsters are partial to dating men with flawed riches which regularly lands them in a difficult situation. He expressed that if he somehow managed to charm Towobola, she would not yield to his advances however would prefer to have intercourse with crooks.


He proceeded to inquire as to whether she was a virgin and what number of men she has laid down with. Towobola said she is 25, an alum of the University of Ibadan and had quite recently finished her NYSC.

Responding to the video, the Inspector-General of Police, Adamu Mohammed, censured the activities of the cops and said they would be brought to equity. The announcement from the police PPRO.

The Inspector General of Police has requested cautious examinations concerning the conditions encompassing the dehumanizing treatment allotted to a female resident in the above viral video.

The IGP, while denouncing the demonstration, has coordinated the initiation of exhaustive examinations planned for disentangling the genuine character of the culprits with the end goal of carrying them to equity.

Individuals from the general population are thus guaranteed that any individual from the Force discovered punishable in the occurrence will be made to confront suitable approvals.

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