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Police Arrests Chinese Couple For Locking Up Eight Nigerians In Their Abuja Home Since February

by Amadu Victor
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According to reports reaching OYOGist.com, two Chinese nationals have been allegedly arrested and paraded by the Police in Abuja today for locking up their eight Nigerian staffs in an apartment for the past four months.

According to International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR) , a team of six police officers from the FCT Divisional Police Command in Utako swung into action following a tip-off by a radio listener who called in during the “Berekete Family” programme of the Radio Nigeria and raided the residence of the Chinese nationals at No. 117 Jabi area, Abuja.

At the time of this report, it’s still unclear the kind of services the eight Nigerians rendered to the Chinese couple. However, it is apparent they were domestic staff of the couple.

One of the women among the eight rescued Nigerians said they were not allowed to move out of the mansion. She complained that the couple refused allowing her to go for treatment even when she was very sick. She added that if any of them goes out, a certain percentage of their salary would be deducted.


Another man among the group who gave his name as Alex said he worked as a driver for the Chinese couple. He added that he and the seven others have been working as domestic staff of the Chinese couples since the outbreak of Covid-19 in February.

Another worker who did not reveal his name said that 3000 was deducted from his salary because he stubbornly went out to fill his pension form. All the staff agreed that they were not given food by the Chinese nationals aside their salaries.

ICIR observed that during the arrest, only two Chinese were arrested although there were four of them sighted in the house.

The Chinese couple were calling a particular person as they first refused going with the policemen. However, they succumbed as the person over the phone instructed them to go with the policemen.

Recall that six days ago, the Nigerian Police in Kano State had rescued more than 109 workers who were locked in and compelled to work in an Indian-owned rice milk factory in the State.

Also, in February, some Nigerian youths protested against a Chinese company (Goodwill ceramics) in Ogun Guangdong Free trade zone, Igbesa after they were held hostage inside the company for 14 days of the lockdown without proper feeding and later released to go without any pay.

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