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Arsenal Got What They Deserve – Maupay

by Amadu Victor
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As the leagues get back stronger, players and teams are doing their bid to remain strong while sending out deep intimidation. Seagulls striker Neal Maupay has spoken against strong allegations and said he in not responsible for Gunners gamers injured goalkeeper, Bernd Leno.

In an interview, the striker Neal Maupay stated that Arsenal “lack humility” and therefore got what they deserved in their 2-1 defeat at Brighton. With the Seagulls’ striker insisting he was once no longer to blame for a serious-looking injury suffered by Gunners’ goalkeeper Bernd Leno.


Leno was leaning on Maupay when he landed awkwardly on his right leg which led to a collision between the striker and the goalkeeper at the first half of the game, and was caught on camera while shouting at the Frenchman as he was evacuated off the area on a stretcher.

Further confirmation through replays affirmed that Maupay had barged into Leno while he was once in the air, which might have taken him off-balance as he planted his right leg into the turf.

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