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Covid-19: Govornor Wike to Shut Down Bank, As Bank Manager Dies in River State

by Amadu Victor
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The residents of Onne, Eleme Local government Area, In River State are beginning to believe that there is truly Coronavirus in the state, as a Back manager of a particular new generation bank is said to have died of complications arising from the deadly disease.

When the cause of his death has been revealed, the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control ( NCDC) compelled immediate close of the bank, and commence testing of all it’s workers, from the test conducted by Nigera center For Disease Control, it was reported that most of it’s workers tested positive including the gateman.

Employee who tested positive where moved to Isolation centre, for more observation and immediate commencement of treatment. meanwhile, Governor Nyesom Wike had earlier sounded a warning over the I don’t Care attitude of some banks and supermarkets over the neglects of the preventives.


There are some lay down rules and regulations, which every Organisations must abide with before it’s operation, but banks and supermarkets allow customers inside without subjecting them to observe washing of hands, use of hand sanitizer, Wearing of face mask and also the social distancing.

Remember Governor Wike, is one of the governors who worked very hard to stop the spread of the deadly disease, but it’s quite unfortunate that most people will never listen or take a simple instruction which is for their own benefit.

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Phoenix June 18, 2020 - 2:15 pm

Adhering to simple guidelines is it that hard? Now look see. How can they be allowing customers into the bank without checking temperature and hand sanitizing?


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