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Lady Who Dragged Ramsey Nouah Over Unpaid Royalty Has Been Compensated

by John Asama
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A young female graphic designer who called out Ramsey Noah for allegedly using her logo for his movie “Living in Bondage” which he made his directorial debut in, without paying for it has finally been compensated.

She has taken to social media to give an update on the issue revealing that the said former media manager who hired her was passing her works as his to the team, and they knew nothing about her. She also added that she has been compensated accordingly.

She wrote:

“UPDATE Twitter, I made that thread not to indict anybody but to sensitize about the issue and I am grateful that everyone was supportive to me. I didn’t have a direct contact to Ramsey or the crew that is why I used social media. You can see I even tagged the wrong handle.”

“My noise together with your Retweets got them to know and they have contacted me. They didn’t know but now they do and have acted accordingly. I have been compensated. I am still proud to have worked on the movie and hope for future possibilities.”

“Thank you so much to everyone who have helped me with this. Thank you @HenshawKate I really don’t know everyone’s handles but I am utterly grateful.”

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“For those who do not know that I made an update on a new tweet. I have been contacted and compensated. I really wanna thank everyone of you for your Retweets and support. Thanks a lot.”

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1 comment

Phoenix June 17, 2020 - 1:28 pm

Thank God it has been resolved, the lady’s team is responsible. Now Ramsey Nouah have paid twice the amount he would have.


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