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John Boyega moves crowd with powerful Anti-racism speech

by Ayodeji Onibalusi
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Hollywood actor and star of sci-fi movie, Starwars, John Boyega has given a powerful and moving speech during a Black Lives Matter rally in which he participated.

The actor said he might be out of work for the things he’s about to say but he doesn’t mind.

“Look, I don’t know if I’m going to have a career after this, but f*ck it,” Boyega said.

Americans have taken to the streets of their cities to protest since the murder of unarmed black man, George Floyd by white ex-police officer, Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis on the 25th of May.

John Boyega came out to participate in the protests on Wednesday when he gave the passionately charged speech.

Watch the video below:

While John Boyega feared that he may not have a career after the speech, the opposite is the case as industry producers are now rallying behind him for his activism.

LucasFilm, a subsidiary of Disney Movies and the producers of Starwars sent out message of support to the star for his message.

Lucas Film stands with John Boyega and his message that, “now is the time. Black lives have always mattered. Black lives have always been important. Black lives have always meant something.”

Other producers and directors have supported the actor by standing behind him for his anti-racism speech.

“We got you, John,” Producer Jordan Peele tweeted, with a quoted tweet of the words Boyega said during his speech.

Star Wars also tweeted out to support John by saying “We stand with you and support you, @JohnBoyega”

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