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If Taiwan Seek Independence, China Will Use Military Force On Them – Chinese General

by Amadu Victor
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OYOGist.com has learned that the Chinese government is reportedly threatening to attack Taiwan with military forces if the Taiwanese government decides to pursue independence and there is no possibility for peaceful unification.

The remarks were made by Li Zuocheng, chief of the Joint Staff Department and member of the Central Military Commission, while he was giving a speech at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People on the 15th anniversary of the Anti-Secession Law.

“If the possibility for peaceful reunification is lost, the people’s armed forces will, with the whole nation, including the people of Taiwan, take all necessary steps to resolutely smash any separatist plots or actions,” Li said.

OYOGist.com reports


OYOGist.com reports

“We do not promise to abandon the use of force, and reserve the option to take all necessary measures, to stabilise and control the situation in the Taiwan Strait,” he added.

Taiwan has remained one of China’s most sensitive topics when it comes to territory. Beijing has always claimed that the island is one of China’s provinces. But China’s offer of the “one country, two systems” model has been rejected by the Taiwanese government.

In January this year, Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen and her Democratic party won the presidency and a majority in parliament and China is deeply suspicious of the president whom they accuse of being a separatist who is bent on declaring independence for Taiwan.

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